e2e Challenge 17

A team of mountain bikers is to cycle across Nepal to rebuild schools and reach out to victims of earthquakes that struck the nation two years ago.

In partnership with YYY Foundation (registered charity 1164116), e2eChallenge17 will see mountain bikers and support crew travel across Nepal from the epicentre of the first earthquake at Singati, to the epicentre of the second at Barpak.  After leaving Singati on Novemeber 1st 2017, the expedition strikes westwards along dirt tracks and ancient byways through the stunning foothills of the Himalaya.

Sukute school kids 3

While jaw-droppingly scenic, the route will take the team through five regions worst affected by the earthquakes. With unprecedented access to remote communities, riders will bear witness to the resilience of the Nepali who are suffering extreme poverty and malnutrition amid the destruction of their homelands.  The challenge promises to be highly demanding, both emotionally and physically.


The aim

Challengers will fundraise to drive the rebuilding of Nepalese schools destroyed by the earthquakes of 2015, reconstruction that is crucial to the country’s recovery. Up to five schools will be built through e2e Challenge, each of which are found along the route between epicentres.

YYY Foundation is developing a school partner initiative that will empower and encourage UK schools to raise money through various micro-fundraising channels. Money raised by a UK school will go directly to the rebuilding of their Nepalese counterpart.  In addition to generating financial resources, e2eChallenge17  will shed fresh light on a humanitarian disaster that has largely been forgotten by the world’s media; according to Unicef, 1.5 million of those suffering in Nepal are children, while the United Nations says that a quarter of the country’s population – around 8 million people – have been affected by the quakes.


The time

Taking place in October 2017, e2eChallenge17 falls between the stifling summer and the perishing cold of the Himalayan region’s winter. Temperatures at this time of year will be mid-range, around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Around a month after the monsoon, roads will have had time to dry without being sun-baked and dusty. The autumn is also time of great cultural significance. In this, the harvest period, the Nepali celebrate Tihar, the Festival of Lights.

The cause

Being on the front line of a global crisis, participants will be responsible for playing an active role in helping communities in Nepal. Little support is reaching region; much of the limited infrastructure was destroyed in the quakes. The project will generate funds to build new schools, helping to bring hope to Nepali men, women and children.  e2e Challenge will give a unique opportunity to reach people whose lives have been destroyed, and to show the Nepali that they have not been forgotten.





Meet The Team

John Hall

I do love a good challenge personally but also bringing people together into a team environment, bonding and facing the challenge together is incredibly rewarding. The events I have helped to put together, including two Race Across America in 2014 and 2015 have enforced this; seeing how a team dynamic comes together in a short space of time and watching the great friendships that are forged is just fantastic.

I had no idea of the scale of the earthquake disaster until we visited Nepal in February. In the remote areas of the countryside it has been virtually impossible to get aid in and vital supplies to help rebuild the villages, therefore schooling for young children has suffered. In supporting YYY Foundation, e2eChallenge17 will help schools to be rebuilt and support the children of Nepal right back into education. I am so excited to be travelling to this wonderful country for such a great cause and to meet the people of Nepal again.

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Simon Jones


I’m doing e2eChallenge17 because as former teacher I am appalled to hear that there are so many schools needing help to function after the disaster.

I am also keen to be part of a team that is committed to achieving a common goal.

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Geoff Walker

geoff_walkerI’ve managed over the last 20 years or so to find a variety of ways to keep myself active and gainfully employed in some pursuit or other that keeps me from turning into a professional couch potato sports fan. In the past few years I have competed in Ironman France, the London Paris Cycle tour and a number of half marathon and middle distance triathlons. My wife and 15 yr old daughter occasionally see me but usually wearing lycra and in a sweaty condition; without their support I would not be able to achieve anything however.  I work as a doctor in the north east and am lucky enough to reside in Wensleydale, Yorkshire, where cycling up hills is a specialty. I am massively looking forward to pedalling in e2Challenge17 and enjoying some new experiences and making new friends.

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